Codas & The Energy Sector

Here at FdR we consider ourselves specialists at excavating data from a wide range of source systems and making it available for analysis and visualisation.

Recently we’ve been engaged by various organisations in the energy sector who use the ERP system Codas to manage their sales, deliveries and customers, as well as other aspects of their operations.

Codas is interesting because it’s based on an unusual back-end – InterSystems Caché. We’ve learned quite a lot about all this in the last few years and have been successful in bringing Codas data out into accessible systems and models such as Microsoft SQL Server (warehouse/tabular) for our clients.

Here’s a benefit – other data sources (weather, geographical, marketing etc.) can be brought into the the Microsoft data lake to enrich the information.

And once the data is under your control (as opposed to being enmeshed in the source systems) it is easy to create impactful visualisations using tools such as Microsoft Power Bi, Qlik, Tableau or even good old Excel! It also opens up the possibility to perform advanced analytics using data science tools such as R, Python or SAS.

If you are in the energy sector or a Codas user and would like to free your data, we’d of course be very pleased if you’d consider getting in touch.