Data Services

Data Excavators

The data that enterprises generate and collect has considerable value. However, like gold, raw data doesn’t yield its value without considerable refinement.

That’s where FdR can help. We are experts in extracting, transforming and loading source data into analytical databases; for example, an operational data store (ODS), a data lake, or Kimball-style datawarehouse.

Needless to say, while the refinement of data is vitally important, on its own it is not enough to deliver value. Refined data can and should be made available to the organisation via fast and structured tabular or dimensional models (cubes), and visualised in applications such as PowerBI, QlikView, Tableau or good old Excel!

Additionally, other tools (e.g. R Statistics, SAS, CytoScape – or even SQL) can be pointed to the data lake/ODS for ad-hoc, experimental analyses. This is where exploratory queries, machine learning, statistical analyses and AI routines are likely to be run.


Contemporary tools enable the extraction of data stored on a wide variety of systems. These source systems can be obscure (for example, InterSystems Caché or even Borland Paradox!) but are often commonplace (say, PostgreSQL and Oracle). FdR are also extremely comfortable working with sets in JSON and XML formats.

At FdR, our toolset of choice is Microsoft SQL Server, which we think is a great stack for extracting and warehousing data. The Azure data warehousing facility raises the Microsoft offering to a whole new level!


It’s true. We love data. Not simply as a technical challenge to be overcome, but for the business outcomes it can deliver. We consider the success criteria for any project is the point when the data is delivering tangible and real outcomes: increased sales, superior decision-making, or operational efficiencies – to name but a few.

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